Thurs. May 21 – ACTION & WEBINAR

NYC: Divest from Policing and Caging and Invest in Community Needs NOW. Hosted by Free Them All For Pubic Health

Testify at the Finance Committee Hearing at 9:30AM (testimony begins at 11:30AM).

Twitter storm @NYCMayor on social media to disinvest from policing and caging, share your testimony, tag @freethemall2020

On Thursday, May 21st, NYC City Council will host the only opportunity to testify on NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s 2021 Executive Budget, which includes over $2 billion in cuts and billions of dollars towards the violent and racist systems of policing and caging. We want to send Mayor de Blasio and NYC City Council members  a message loud and clear: divest from police and caging now! and invest in the things we need for a just recovery and beyond: freedom, affordable housing, free public transportation, education, health care services. We need to stop Mayor de Blasio’s war-driven budget as he negotiates with the NYC Council’s Finance Committee responsible for overseeing the hearing process. Testify and speak out on social media. Read FTA4PH’s statement on Mayor Bill De Blasio’s executive budget and op-ed on his failure to prevent the disproportionate deaths of Black and Latinx New Yorkers. 


Hearing on the New York City Council Fiscal Year 2021 Budget on Thurs., May 21, starts at 9:30am and testimony begins at 11:30AM.  Register to testify by Wednesday, May 20th. Select a hearing from the dropdown menu, “Committee on Finance.” Submit written testimony within 72 hours of the hearing by scrolling all the way down and uploading a file. Share your parts or all your testimony on social media and tag @freethemall2020, @NYCMayor, and your local city council members. Read our statement and op-ed for talking points, and watch the hearing live. 


Join us for a webinar from 5:30PM until 7:00PM with community members who will speak on Mayor de Blasio’s misguided policies to police and cage Black and brown New Yorkers during the COVID19 pandemic and enshrined in his FY 2021 Executive Budget. We say: enough! Radical educators, public health practitioners, and housing advocates will lay out where we should radically invest during a pandemic and beyond.  Register at bit.ly/ftadivest2invest


  • @NYCMayor, stop cutting $ from NYC public schools to fund hiring more cops and skyscraper jails. Amidst the pandemic, you are waging a war against Black, brown & poor communities.  
  • @NYCMayor, amidst the pandemic, most people imprisoned in your city jails are Black (58%) & people of color (90%). Your 2021 budget doubles down on racist policing and future skyscraper jails. We see your cops n the streets using the crisis as an excuse to abuse and harass more people.
  • @NYCMayor, your 2021 budget must be radically reoriented towards health and racial justice. More money for schools and affordable housing, not police and incarceration.

#Money4Schools #PublicHealthIsPublicSafety  #FreeThemAll #FreeThemAll4PublicHealth #CloseRikersNow #NoNewCages #NoMoreCops #FreedomToThrive #CareNotCops #CareNotCages

Toolkit for Organizations and Collectives

In NYC the jails have become the epicenter of a crisis that becomes worse everyday.  While people are left to die in the jails, the city’s rolling back its historic bail reform legislation (which was already lacking), and people on Rikers are digging their own graves for $6. There’s multiple efforts to release people from jails, including calls to action everyday on freethemall4publichealth.org

Please let us know if you or your organization want to mobilize people for the demand to free people on Rikers. We have a toolkit available: bit.ly/FTA4PHToolkit

@NYCMayor, amidst the pandemic, most people imprisoned in your city jails are Black (58%) & people of color (90%). Your 2021 budget doubles down on racist policing and future skyscraper jails. We see your cops n the streets using the crisis as an excuse to abuse and harass more people.

Demands from NYC Jails

UPDATE: We have heard from people currently incarcerated in NYC jails, who are in solidarity with those hunger striking in Hudson County and Essex County jails (in NJ). The demands extend to both the current conditions and status of medical care inside prisons, as well as the need for immediate release and mass clemencies. These are the demands we’ve heard from our comrades in NYC jails.

We demand the same calls issued by the Board of Corrections. That all inmates:   

  • Over 50   
  • With Parole violations   
  • At high risk due to health conditions   
  • With less than a year of sentenced time


“They are pilfering things like cleaning rags (those really lightweight ones) and single use alcohol wipes from their jobs to help clean. They have those industrial bleach-based cleaners as well, mostly soap.”

A friend inside.

Demands from NYC Jails:
1. Provide tests to all inside the facility NOW
2. Immediately provide hygiene products and sanitize common objects, including phones
3. Provide each person with a tablet so they can be in touch with their families/people outside

From families and legal and health advocates:
FREE THEM ALL: they’re being held before trial and should not be incarcerated!
NYC must immediately #FreeThemAll4PublicHealth and provide safe housing to those who need it.

‪If NYC is going to address this #COVID19 crisis with determination and vision, @NYGovCuomo @NYCMayor must immediately free everyone from prisons and jails. Health inside is health outside. #FreeThemAllForPublicHealth @nonewjails_nyc @IWOC_NYC‬


Read our full statement of principles.

A statement of our principles.

Incarceration has always been a public health emergency that the deadly threat of COVID-19 only makes more depraved. These demands, developed by a coalition of organizers across New York, provide a clear and urgent path to free them all and bring our loved ones home from jail, prison, and immigration detention.

The global spread of COVID-19 has highlighted a longstanding public health emergency. Due to the lack of a public health infrastructure or social safety net in the United States, vulnerable, structurally marginalized, and oppressed people are (and will continue to be) disproportionately harmed during this crisis. This is nowhere more evident than the country’s treatment of criminalized and imprisoned people, who come from communities already subjected to state disinvestment and poor health conditions, and who are put in further danger through their contact with the criminal legal system.

Criminalized and incarcerated people are our loved ones and community members. Their health and wellbeing impacts our collective health. We are profoundly concerned for them and outraged that jurisdictions across New York State have not taken action to protect their health and safety. People in jails, prisons, immigration detention, and on parole, work release, and electronic monitoring, along with their families, deserve health and dignity and must be a central part of New York State’s pandemic response.

The evidence is clear. Policing, jails, prisons, and immigration detention have always been disastrous for public health and have always rendered oppressed people—Black, Brown, and Indigenous people, immigrants, trans and gender nonconforming people, people who use drugs (especially those with issues of dependency), homeless people, people with mental illness, disabled people, survivors of intimate partner violence, working class people (including sex workers), and the impoverished—vulnerable to injury, illness, and death. (cont.)

Read our full statement of principles.

‪There have been over 50 cases of COVID-19 reported across NY jails and prisons, with both inmates and correctional workers infected. We are facing a crisis of preventable deaths if electeds do not act to free a massive amount of people. #FreeThemAll4PublicHealth @freethemall2020

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