These broad demands outline the scope of abolitionist goals for the long-term. We can’t, however, waste this moment waiting for the big things. We must get people out now.

Free Them All: Reduce Criminalization

  • Stop patrol policing
  • No police enforcement of shelter in place
  • End criminalization of survival
  • Reduce policing. Policing never makes us safe; often hurts us, sometimes kills us, and right now spreads COVID-19.

Free Them All: Reduce Prosecution, Probation, and Court Monitoring

  • Decline new cases
  • Drop pending charges
  • Suspend in-person check ins
  • Remove curfews
  • Suspend diversion courts
  • Stop the flow of people into jails.

Free Them All: Release People from Prison

  • Adequate Care
  • Accelerated Release
  • Commute Sentences
  • Provide Safe Housing
  • Free Transportation
  • Every Single Person Released Helps Flatten the Curve

Free Them All: Release People from Jail

  • Close Rikers Now
  • Re-Budget to Support Housing and Public Health
  • End Criminalization and Racist Divestment
  • Shut Down Rikers, Divest From Jail Construction, Invest in Public Health

Free Them All: Release People from Detention

  • Stop ICE enforcement
  • Provide support and access to care
  • Transparency on ICE’s follow up plan
  • Close immigration courts
  • Halt immigration dockets and check ins

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