Demands From Inside

These are the demands we’ve heard people currently incarcerated in NYC jails

Demands from City Jail 1

UPDATE: We have heard from people currently incarcerated in several New York City jails, who are in solidarity with those hunger striking in Hudson County and Essex County jails (in NJ). The demands extend to both the current conditions and status of medical care inside prisons, as well as the need for immediate release and mass clemencies. These are the demands we’ve heard from our comrades in Rikers.

We demand the same calls issued by the Board of Corrections. That all inmates:   

  • Over 50   
  • With Parole violations   
  • At high risk due to health conditions   
  • With less than a year of sentenced time


Demands from City Jail 2


  1. Release people from jail
  2. Provide hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies to everyone inside

We are watching. The news and the city won’t tell us how fast it’s spreading, but we are hearing from our loved ones inside all these facilities.

Demands from City Jail 3

Demands from Inside:

  1. Provide tests to all inside the facility NOW
  2. Immediately provide hygiene products and sanitize common objects, including phones.
  3. Provide each person with a tablet so they can be in touch with their families and people outside.

From families and legal and health advocates:

FREE THEM ALL: They are being held before trial and should not be incarcerated! NYC must immediately #FreeThemAll4PublicHealth and provide safe housing to those who need it.

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